Killington Ski Tickets – Discounts 2015/2016

Discounts to lift tickets for Killington Mountain in Vermont for the 2015 -2016 Season

Skiing at Killington, VT can be an expensive pastime. Midweek lift tickets for this season are now $72.00 and weekends and holidays are $82.00
For the regular skier, there are some good alternatives to getting discounts on Killington lift tickets including season passes, but unless you stump up for the most expensive version, season passes are blacked out for a seventeen days a year, all the popular holiday weekends and the whole week following Presidents weekend, now known as Presidents week. That’s an awful lot of missed skiing or a great deal of extra expense to get the premium season pass.
To read more about Killington season passes CLICK HERE.
Listed below are some great ways to buy discount Killington tickets, often as low as $50. The dreaded blackout periods do not apply unless we state them specifically.


These are the basic ticket windows prices that you can expect to pay for Killington Tickets in the 2012-2013 season (12/19/09 – 3/28/10)
Prices before and after these dates can vary, but are usually significantly less.



The very best deal available to skiers who regularly ski Killington, but not enough to warrant the purchase of a Season pass is the Killington Club Card.
If you are a member of a ski group, ski club or a ski council organization, you can apply for the Killington Club card that allows you to buy unlimited discount Killington tickets for around $50 ($55 if later in the season) The initial card comes with 4 days of skiing and additional days can be added in increments of 2, 3 or 4 days at the original price.

The specific details of the Killington club card are:

  • No blackout days
  • Offered exclusively to ski club and ski council members.
  • Cards are picked up at the Killington Resort Center at Snowshed and you must present your club/council ID and a photo ID at that time.
  • Redeem up to 4 tickets at a time to share with family & friends.
  • 4 days of skiing/riding for $199 plus tax if purchased by December 15, 2009.
  • 4 days of skiing/riding for $219 plus tax if purchased between December 16, 2009 and January 15, 2010.
  • Reload in increments of 2, 3 or 4 additional days at the originally purchased price.
  • If your first order was purchased by December 15, 2009, 2, 3 or 4 additional days at $49.95 per day plus tax.
  • If your first order was purchased between December 16, 2009 and January 15, 2010, 2, 3 or 4 additional days may be purchased for $54.95 per day plus tax.

There is no limit to how many times you can reload your Club Card, all unused Club Card Lift Tickets expire at the end of the 2009-2010 Winter Season.
The Club Card is available online earlier in the season but as the season progresses all purchases and reorders must be done at any Killington Ticket Window at the mountain or at the season pass office at Snowshed. More information can be found at the Killington web site:


Killington employees can purchase discount Killington tickets for friends and family, so If you happen to know anyone who works at the mountain, they can purchase up to 2 tickets per day for just $50. Obviously you will need to know an employee at Killington and be able to hook up with them early enough on the day to get the tickets and not impact their job too much. These tickets can only be purchased on the day of skiing. Cash is king in these purchases and staff usually appreciates a tip, but they don’t want the tickets resold, as their name is attached to the ticket sale record and they could get fired if they get resold to “non” friends and family.


Group buyers like and Groupon often make a group buy on Killington Tickets and then resell them (At a profit of course) to their subscriber base.
This year Working Advantage has been buying Killington Lift Tickets for $49 (Weekend) and $39 (Weekday) and reselling them to their subscriber list in packages of 4.
The weekend and holiday pricing for their discount ticket card is $249.00 ($62.25 per day x 4 lift tickets)
The midweek pricing is $199.00 ($49.75 per day x 4 lift tickets)
Each Club Card is valid for one person’s use only. Any unused days are lost. Additional individual days cannot be added, but a new discount card be purchased (An additional 4 days)


Killington offers a 15% discount If you ski or ride two or more consecutive days with a pre-purchased eTicket, which is another form of Killington Ticket. You must buy eTickets online at least four days prior to arrival and you can pick them up at any ticket window. Tickets are available as two to seven consecutive days. Three or more day Lift Tickets and eTickets include one built-in grace day, so you can enjoy multi-day ticket savings and more flexibility during your stay. (Ski/ride three of four days, four of five days, etc.) You decide what day to take off for any reason you choose, be it a challenging weather day, a day to play or explore off-mountain, or just a day to recover so you can finish your vacation strong. To receive the discount, you must purchase online at least four days before arrival. Discounts not available by phone or within four days of arrival. E-Tickets cancelled four days or more before the use date are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. There is no refund if cancelled or changed three days or less before the use date, or for no shows.
Although the eTickets discount is paltry, for people who know they will be skiing no-matter-what-happens this discount can save some money if you pay 4 days in advance. The problem is that the mountains are very unpredictable and the whole purchase could be wasted if conditions are bad. Killington loves this offer as it makes more profit from the “no shows” than it loses on the 15% discount.


Although not as discounted as eTickets, getting multiple day tickets at the lift ticket window at the start of your vacation may be a better choice as the eTickets discounts really start to kick in when you have 3 days or more of skiing.


Killington no longer offers half-day lift tickets for skiers who arrive after 12PM. This Killington ticket did cost $10 less than the normal prices, but is no longer available.


This year Killington offered a pre-season deal on lift tickets for $50.00. There were a bunch of restrictions like, you can only buy 4 tickets, must be picked up on day of use, no snow guarantee and they do not apply to the dreaded blackout days. Obviously this offer expired at the start of the season, but Killington may bring it back.


Killington’s ski and stay packages make it appear that you can purchase lift tickets for $50, but as you are buying the higher priced lodging they are able create a loss leader on the lift tickets. They actually buy them for $65.00 a piece.

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