Killington Ski Lift Ticket Discounts for 2019

Discounts for Lift Tickets for Killington Mountain in Vermont for the 2019 Ski Season

Skiing can be an expensive pastime, but Killington VT has a few discount options that mean skiers and snowboarders can get onto the mountain for much less than a face value ticket . For the 2019 ski season, Killington has ticket prices all over the map, but they have now streamlined their operations with RFID cards being used as the only permitted ticket method for the whole mountain. For the regular skier, there are some good ways to get discounts on Killington lift tickets that include express cards, corporate discounts, season passes, discount cards, warehouse club discounts and multiple day discounts. Listed below are some great ways to buy discount Killington tickets, often as low as just $80. The dreaded blackout periods do not apply unless we state them specifically.

Ticket Window Ticket Prices

Midweek: $95
Weekend/Holiday/Peak: $126

This is the regular price for Killington lift tickets at the ticket window and are available on any day at any time, but it is also the very highest price you can pay for lift tickets at Killington this year. Buying multiple consecutive days will discount the daily price by 20%, but at least there is no unused tickets going to waste.

Killington lift tickets

Official Killington Website Lift Ticket Prices

Midweek: $85
Weekend/Holiday/Peak: $104

Tickets sold on the Killington website are different to the ones sold at the ticket windows as the online lift tickets are “in advance and named day only” lift tickets. If you do not use them on the day you specified you will lose them, so they are priced lower than regular ticket window lift tickets as many people do not turn up and do not use the lift tickets for one reason or another. You have to order these lift tickets at least 24 hours in advance on the Killington Website, but if you call Killington Central Reservations their office is open till 5PM at 800 621 6867 and they can sell them to you for the following day provided you call before they close. Buying multiple consecutive days will further discount the daily price by 15%

Corporate Offers Killington Lift Tickets

Corporate Discount Lift Tickets: Prices

Any day lift ticket: $80

The corporate employee discount programs win the prize for having the lowest priced lift ticket for this year, but the offer can only be found at employee perks/benefit websites like ‘Corporate Offers’ or ‘Plum Benefits’ The lift ticket price includes all fees and taxes and even includes a free RFID card (valued at $5). The buyer only needs to redeem the transaction number for an RFID card at any Killington ticket window. You must strictly be an employee of an approved organization to be able to get access to this employee perks site, but you can buy tickets one at a time if you choose to at this price. Killington has been known to end this program if sales become too popular as this offer is this years lowest priced full Killington lift ticket. Obviously it makes sense to use this lift ticket on weekends, holidays and at peak times to maximize the value of this great offer. This discount lift ticket offer is now available at

costco wholesale Killington lift tickets

Killington Lift Tickets at Costco: Prices

Any day lift ticket: $84

The type of Killington lift ticket that is sold at Costco is an “any day” ticket, which means that you can use them on any day during the current ski season. You must be a member of Costco to buy these lift tickets and you must buy the offer in units of three days each time, so the purchase cost for three days is $246 + tax. If you don’t use all three days then you will lose any credit remaining and the deal is no longer a good bargain. Obviously it makes sense to only use this lift ticket on weekends, holidays and at peak times, to gain the maximum discount. Costco members can purchase this deal in store or online at the Costco website but buyers will need to wait for the RFID card to be delivered to their home address. No other warehouse clubs are selling Killington lift tickets this year.

Vermont Travel Club Killington Lift Tickets

Ski Club Discount Cards: Ticket Prices

$100 per day lift ticket

Discount cards are sold for about $50 from various ski clubs including the Vermont Travel Club and entitle the bearer to get a 50% discount on Killington midweek lift tickets and 25% on weekend/holiday tickets, bringing those days down to just over $100 per day. The cards can also be used at other mountains, but the discount will be different at each one and you have to factor in the cost of the card before you see any real discount.

Killington lift tickets

Killington Express Card: Ticket Prices

$100 per day lift ticket

Similar to the Vermont Ski Club Card, this discount card is sold for $99 and entitles the bearer to get a 50% discount on midweek lift tickets and 25% on weekend/holiday tickets. It only works if you ski four or more days in a season. This brings lift ticket prices down to $100 per day, but the Express card has the advantage that you can do directly to the lift and avoid the ticket window, so it may be worth the additional $50. If you ski six days they give you a seventh day free, which results in an overall 16% discount, bringing down the daily price to $84, but you must ski multiples of 7 days to keep this price otherwise any deviation ruins the math and your effective price will now $100 per day. You also have to factor the cost of this card into the saving equation, so if you only ski seven days this season, the lift tickets effectively cost $108 each. Killington bills the Express Cards every day of use and processes them similarly to a season pass, except the Express card is backed by a credit card, which is charged each day you ski or ride at the discounted lift ticket rate. Visit the Killington Express Card or call (802) 422-3333 for more details

Killington Season Passes 2019

Full Season Pass: $1219

The Killington full season pass is now $1200 and allows the bearer to ski every day of the season with no blackouts and is available at the Killington Season Pass website


Killington Lift Tickets on Liftopia

No discount tickets this year

Killington is not offering any lift tickets on Liftopia this year and the official Killington website is probably doing a much better job of what Liftopia does on their own website, which was providing ‘named day tickets’ at a discount


Daily Deals Websites

No discount tickets this year

There are currently no daily deals for Killington ski lift tickets on Groupon, Living Social. GILT, Facebook or Instagram

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