Floating Dock Cube Products and Prices

Complete List of All Floating Dock Cube Companies, Products and Prices

Plastic dock cubes are a great way to build a flexible dock that can we modified and added to in the future and below is the list of cube dock manufacturers and distributors:

Surf Dock in Mexico Featuring the Candock Dock Technology
The Surf Dock in Bali Featuring the Candock Dock Technology


This company produces interlocking plastic dock cubes that are about 20 inches square. They are famous for putting together the surf dock featured in the 2017 YouTube video in Bali where a cube dock is installed as a surf pier in the ocean and surfers run and launch themselves in the breaking waves. The concept photo shoot was arrange between Stab magazine and Candock and was a temporary installation that was popularly known as “The Dock”. Typical installations of this type dock are far more pedestrian and dock owners have found the Candock product to be reliable, but unable to work with any other kind of floating cube dock. As a relative newcomer to the market the organization may suffer with long term quality issues, but they have built a large dealer network in both the United States and Canada

Candock Cube Prices: $125 per standard cube

The Original Jet Float Boat Dock Cube
The Original Jet Float Boat Dock Cube

Jet Float

Jet Float began providing their plastic dock cubes in 1976 and claims to be the industry pioneer and original modular docking company. The company is based in Ontario Canada, but is no longer the powerhouse it once was and suffers from so much competition and competitive product confusion that they have fallen into a commercial backwater. Their cubes can be recognized by their classic grey color, maple leaf logo on the top center of the block and the black center pins. The longevity of their product is evident with many of their older dock cubes still being seen on Craigslist nearly twenty years after their manufacture, but the product and organization are no longer seen as the industry leader due to a lack of product development and no new products.

Jet Float Inc. calls their basic product the “Standard Jetfloat” and while they do offer a double unit which has greater buoyancy and stability, the single cube can often feel a bit rocky when a person walks on them. The company also offers a low profile unit, that can be used for Jet Skis, row boats. Sunfish and kayaks. The Standard Jetfloat dimensions are 20in x 20in x 16in, which is 50cm x 50cm x 40cm in metric terms, and it is this dock cube that has now become the international standard for all other dock cubes. This, however, does not mean that other brands will work with the original Jetfloat as many boat dock owners have discovered much to their frustration as they find part of their floating dock has broken away and sailed down the river.

JetFloat Cube Prices: $115 per standard cube

Jet Dock Floating Dock Cubes on Lake Michigan
Jet Dock Floating Dock Cubes

Jet Dock

Jet Dock is often confused with the original Jet Float organization and the dock cube even looks the same in many ways. They steer clear of actually suing the traditional grey color of their competitor “Jet Float”, but in many ways their cubes appear quite similar. This company also manufactures floating boat lifts and drive-on docking systems and are located in Cleveland, Ohio. One of the major differences with this dock is that they provide cubes that allow a holding pole to travel directly through the center of the cube, that provides better stability for the dock, but this can detract from the overall aesthetics whole providing better function. This company also tries to push their “Drive on Docking” solution to boat owners, as it compares well to boat lifts, that can run into thousands of dollars. It also does not hurt that they make their greatest profits from this solution. Using a brand term that is so close to another competitive product confuses buyers and detracts from this organization’s credibility. What is even more frustrating is that this product does not even work with the competitive Jetfloat product of which they have borrowed so much.

Jetdock Cube Prices: $135 per standard cube

Dock Blocks With Center Pin
Dock Blocks With Center Pin

Dock Blocks

With a big variation on the theme, Dock Blocks offers a product that may still be floating dock blocks, but the they connect in a radically different way to its competition, leading to integration issues with other systems and visual aesthetic problems. The shape of the block is no longer a cube and the connector is located on the sides/center of the block, not at the corners, but does provides a stronger join between the blocks and a more stable walking area than other traditional cube block products. History has shown that the joint part of the floating dock cube has never been a safety weakness of the other dock cube design, unless the dock is in a category 1 hurricane type seas and winds. This design may be an improvement on the original, but its departure from the norm has not been well received, despite it being technically superior. This block structure is less likely to break apart in extreme weather conditions and will not become a dangerous missile capable of causing catastrophic damage during intense storms. The car in the driveway however may blow away before this dock does.

Dock Blocks Cube Prices: $129 per standard cube

Cube Dock With Rounded Corners
Cube Dock With Rounded Corners

Cube Docks

Cube Docks is another cube dock manufacturer with a few of features that set them apart from other manufacturers. They offer a 45 degree corner cube which is designed to improve the docks looks and may even make the dock stronger, although cube docks do not generally suffer from weak spots unless they are in placed in raging rapids or in hurricane winds, this seems like a nice addition. They offer a service and lighting cube that allows users to run wiring or lighting onto the cube dock and they also have a hole cube, that allows a pole through the center of the cube, rather than at the tabs. which are really meant for connecting the cubes.

Cube Docks Cube Prices: $130 per standard cube

Chinese Import Floating Cube Dock
Imported Chinese-Made Floating Cube Dock Knock-Off Products

Various Chinese Knock–Off Brands
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If price is the most critical concern for buyers, then there are a few cheaper Chinese knock-off brands that do not have the track record or support of the more established brands. Some of these Chinese brand names adopt Western sounding names, but are really all from the Republic of China and include Patriot Cubes, Seaflo and Clark Cubes. The size of these cubes can be slightly different from the standard US and Canadian sizes and owners may have problems integrating the cubes with other dock systems. The Chinese varieties often come in at a metric measurement of 50 cm square (which is 19.685 inches) and 40 cm high (which is 15.748 inches). Long term reliability and support may be poor, but the low price can often be right.

Chinese Knock–Off Floating Cube Prices: $30 per cube