Lake Mohawk NJ: A Welcoming Lake Community or Elitist Haven?

Lake Mohawk Country Club

Lake Mohawk NJ is located less than an hour from New York City and is a boating lake that outshines all other lakes on the North East Coast. Located in the small town of Sparta, New Jersey, Lake Mohawk is a private lake and housing community that was established about 100 years ago and is about 3 miles long by half a mile wide. The lake is celebrated by boaters and non-boaters alike for its cleanliness, beauty and exclusivity. This lake is probably the best lake in the North East region for many reasons. For a start, its private status keeps it very quiet. It has a dedicated group of homeowners who want to conserve its tranquility and harmony and an active board that helps realize the goals of the members.  The high property taxes and steep association fees keep out the riff-raff. There is even a new member association fee of $3000, that does its best to not encourage property sales. There is a prestigious lakeside country club that fits perfectly with the clientele that uses this lake. The country club serves as its own advertisement for the lake, as it is a very popular location for weddings and events that are held in the grand ballroom, which is often busy during the summer with those crazy kids tying the knot (hopefully with a good pre-nuptial agreement). When you arrive at Lake Mohawk, you feel that you have stepped out of the mediocrity of NJ and stepped into something quite special. What greets you as a water sports enthusiast is often flat water, sometimes all day on the weekends, which is unheard of on other lakes. Clearly, this lake is pretty exclusive. To put a boat on this lake you must first own property on, or near, the lake. Any property that is part of the country club catchment area qualifies for this. Then you must also have your boat authorized for use on the lake and you will need to meet a number of other stringent requirements, including boat power, length restrictions, club inspection and even then you still have to pay a hefty fee just to put it on the water.


lake mohawk boat ownersBoat Owners Face Many Hurdles To Use Lake Mohawk

Given its very conservative values, Lake Mohawk does not like any water sports out of the ordinary. Anything that does not resemble a small sailboat, kayak, paddle board or water ski boat is automatically banned by default at Lake Mohawk. This ban includes all jet skis, jet boats, para-sails, air-chair, sky chair, kitesurfing and pretty much anything else that is new, untested or unapproved. It is these requirements that keeps the harmony of this lake intact, while other New York area lakes are often degraded into a free-for-all, especially on the weekends, Lake Mohawk continues to be a shining example of what a well-managed, private lake community can be, despite its sometimes over zealous approach. In comparison. Lake Hopatcong, which is just 10 miles south of  Lake Mohawk, is a local public lake where anyone with a boat license and a can of cold beer in hand can launch their vessel. Lake Hopatcong can become a torrid affair on weekends with thousands of boaters speeding around the lake with great abandon, getting as drunk as possible and then tying up into large party flotillas in Byram Cove and then acting like they are at Spring Break at Lake Havasu. In the main lake at Hopatcong, white-cap rough waters reign supreme on the weekends but conversely Lake Mohawk will often have gorgeous flat water at the very same time. Mohawk often provides ideal conditions for water sport enthusiasts including water skiing, wakeboarding, knee-boarding, swimming, sailing and kayaking. Mohawk even allows diving, which would be suicide at Lake Hopatcong or any of the other East Coast lakes.

Lake Mohawk may be a water sports Nirvana, but only for the chosen few who can afford it.

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